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Independent Candidate for the Federal seat of Groom.

All content authorised by S.Holt Toowoomba

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Food and Agribusiness Precinct


Our region sits between the two largest food producing areas in the country. We need to turbocharge investment in food, beverages, and fibre to cement our place as a national and international food, transport, and logistics hub.

Renewable Energy


To lower our energy costs and create economic opportunity we need real climate action through investment in the renewables sector

Small Town Renewal


Small towns are critical to the longevity of our region. We need a vision for the whole of our electorate, that includes an equitable distribution of funding and development.

Environment and Liveability


We need to keep people in our region and attract people to fill critical job shortages. For that to happen we need:


  • Preservation of our unique environment and landscape
  • Housing affordability and availability
  • Quality support for small businesses, the heart of our community
  • A healthy and vibrant arts, entertainment, sport, and cultural sector
  • Proper funding for mental health services
  • Improved aged care services, including transparency in staffing ratios
  • Water security to secure our region’s future
  • Diversity and an end to all forms of discrimination

Medical Teaching and Healthcare Precinct


A medical teaching and healthcare precinct will create local graduates for our health industry - our region’s largest employer.

Agricultural School of Excellence


Agriculture is our biggest export, therefore creating local graduates makes good economic sense. For this to occur the University of Southern Queensland requires a fair share of Federal funding.

Food and Agibusiness Precinct

Renewable Energy

Small Town Renewal

Environment and Livability

Medical Teaching and Health Care Precinct

Agricultural School of Excellence


The Region of Choice in Qld

Making Groom the Region of Choice


As your local Independent Representative, I will work collaboratively with all levels of government and business to champion a long-term agenda for our region’s future.