Vote 1 Suzie Holt for Groom

Through Voices of Groom's community consultation, and travelling and talking to residents across our electorate, the values Groom residents want to see represented at the next election are:






Integrity includes standards and accountability. I will take the level of integrity I expect of myself and others to Parliament and hold our Parliament to account on behalf of the people of Groom.





Trust in Science


This will lead our community through the current challenges facing our world, turning them into opportunities. To make decisions, I will consult the people of Groom to create solutions that allow us to Grow Groom Together. Trust in science underpins finding solutions that work for the community of Groom.





Community Representation


I am taking Groom to Canberra. The cup of tea approach of sitting and listening to people will be the foundation of my approach to representation. Everyone has a voice, and a right to be heard no matter who they are, what they do, or where they come from. Diversity strengthens communities and we need that level of representation in Canberra.





Growing Groom Together


Groom can lead the charge in our nation’s economic, social, and environmental future. It is time to focus our attention on our regional manufacturing capabilities, and support our small businesses to create a new era of infrastructure, service provision and opportunity. I will make Groom the Region of Choice.

'It's time for Groom to elect a candidate who embodies the values of integrity, community and trust in science. I will work to ensure that no one is left behind as we come together to meet this moment and embrace our opportunities.'

Independent Candidate for the Federal seat of Groom.

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