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23 March 2022

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Groom Candidate Suzie Holt

Value of independents in democracy panel discussion

Published on page 7 of the print edition of The Oakey Champion on March 23rd, 2022


Last Tuesday night the 15th March, independent candidate for Groom Suzie Holt hosted a panel discussion in Toowoomba covering the role of independents in Australian democracy.
Two prominent figures featured on the panel included former ABC journalist Kerrie O’Brien and former independent member for Indi Cathy McGowan.
A volunteer for Suzie Holt’s campaign, Nadia Emblen said 175 people attended the event, which is a far larger turnout than they were expecting.
Former independent MP Cathy McGowan said the panel discussion comes at a time where people are becoming disenfranchised with party politics.
“There’s a disconnect between the MPs and what the community wants,” she said. “They don’t feel like their representatives are representing them. Different areas have different issues.”
Ms McGowan used the Murray-Darling Basin as an example of something that is significant to her own electorate.
Former journalist Kerrie O’Brien said he agrees that the party system is dysfunctional. “The world has under-gone major change,” he said. “Feelings of instability are getting more intense.”
Mr O’Brien used climate change as an example of something intensifying. “This [the floods] is no longer a 1 in 100 year freak weather accident,” he said. “What happened in Lismore might happen again in two years.”

Independent Candidate for the Federal seat of Groom.

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