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10 April 2022

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Groom Candidate Suzie Holt

Our region needs better representation: Independent Candidate Suzie Holt running to promote our interests

Yesterday the Prime Minister made a lacklustre speech announcing that the election will be held on May 21.


Suzie Holt, who is running as an Independent Candidate in the Federal seat of Groom said “Just offering more of the same after 8 years in government is uninspiring, lazy politics. Our region deserves a strong vision. People have lost trust in politics because our politicians are not true community representatives.”


She also said she was unsurprised by the Prime Minister’s continued use of divisive politics. “I have spent more than a year talking to the people of our region about the issues they care about. They are sick of divisive politics, bickering and point-scoring. They want politicians to work together to find solutions to the challenges we face, not snipe at each other to distract from the lack of representation they are offering their constituents.”


“Across our region people have concerns about the low-quality of representation we currently have at a Federal level. They deserve a Federal representative who will engage with our community. Instead, our Federal MP is largely inaccessible, and more interested in promoting his party than listening to and representing our region.”


“The region has significant opportunities for industry, manufacturing, agriculture, and health care if we can break down the silos between all levels of government and have them working together. This cannot happen under our current Federal Member.”


“Our region has the potential to be the biggest growth area in the nation, but our business community has had to carry the burden of providing opportunities alone for too long. They need a Federal community representation who amplifies and supports them.”


Ms Holt is concerned that basic community needs are not being met. “The recent Federal Budget was presented as addressing cost-of-living pressures, but it will barely take the sting out of people’s personal budgets.”


“People in our community were desperately hoping for measures to address housing availability and affordability for our region, as well as expanded aged care, disability care and health services funding.”


“Mobile phone and internet coverage are patchy at best. People need reliable mobile coverage and better internet, to run businesses and access telehealth and basic services.”

Independent Candidate for the Federal seat of Groom.

All content authorised by S.Holt Toowoomba

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