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16 February 2022

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More investment needed: Independent candidate

Published on page 4 of the print edition of The Oakey Champion on February 16th, 2022


Independent candidate for the Federal seat of Groom, Suzie Holt, believes Oakey has been “let down” by all levels of government and needs more investment and support to allow residents to live and work in the community they love.


Ms Holt said she envisions the future of Oakey as a self- sufficient satellite town of Toowoomba with its own sustainable employment opportunities and housing supply.


She said with uncertainty remaining over the future of New Acland Mine Stage 3, Oakey needs the State Government to give locals a clear path forward for the project or let them know now if it will never go ahead.


“The State Government needs a definite path forward. If the mine is not going to go ahead the people here need something else positive to come from that,” she said.


Ms Holt said the Federal Government has the responsibility to step in and provide investment for a community that has been severely impacted by the mine closure as well as COVID-19, drought and PFAS groundwater contamination.


“The Federal Government needs to look at all the options to get investment [at Oakey] to support the community,” she said.


“The community here has been let down; by the State Government and by the Federal Government.


“It needs some investment. It’s a great community.


“Let’s get the community together.


“Let’s invest locally, so we can bring back that local spirit and that sense of community.”


Ms Holt said investing in Oakey’s youth is one avenue to ensure the community is thriving for years to come.


She said keeping young people living and working in the township is key to its success.


“I want to engage the young people so we can get them after they leave school, offer them support and mentorship, offer them traineeships and get them a job locally so they can stay in town,” she said.


Although she is a Toowoomba resident, Ms Holt said she has worked in regional communities and is passionate about helping the rural communities in the Groom electorate thrive and keep their independence from Toowoomba.


Alongside being a voice for regional people, Ms Holt said she is also driven to bring more integrity, accountability and transparency to Federal politics.


For more information about Ms Holt and her priorities for the Groom electorate go to


Independent Candidate for the Federal seat of Groom.

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