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Independent Candidate for the Federal seat of Groom.

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On Wednesday, Independent Candidate for the Federal electorate of Groom, Suzie Holt, will attend an event marking Australia’s Earth Overshoot Day.


The event, held at St James Anglican Church Toowoomba, is a local event observing a worldwide initiative, which marks the day on which each country has used up its share of the earth’s resources for the year.


Rev’d Melissa Conway, who will lead the event at St James’, said “As people of faith, we are called to care for the earth and for each other, and we lament the degradation of God’s creation.”


Last year Australia’s Earth Overshoot Day was marked on July 29th – this year it will be marked on March 23rd, less than a quarter of the way through the year. This event will have the bells of St James’ tolling at midday to represent that as a country, and around the world, we are not staying within a workable ecological footprint.


Ms Holt is campaigning on a strong regional policy for the electorate of Groom and says that our most significant industries, health and agriculture, are already leading the way in sustainable growth.


“In my conversations with residents and businesses across our electorate– it is clear that people want our region to grow, but in a sustainable way. This is already happening, due to the innovative nature of our local businesses” says Ms Holt.


Professor Bernadette McCabe, Director and Principal Scientist of the Centre of Agricultural Engineering at the University of Southern Queensland, confirms that businesses in our region are leading the way in innovative ag tech.


“Soil health, water scarcity and energy costs have been the primary risks which have concerned farmers and where most of the ag tech innovation was centred” said Professor McCabe.


“Now we are seeing ag tech innovation extend into new areas to tackle environmental issues such as waste management, biodiversity and greenhouse gas emissions”

Independent Candidate Suzie Holt says good environmental policy is good economic policy

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21 March 2022

News and Media