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12 April 2022

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Groom Candidate Suzie Holt

“We will be our best selves”: Independent Candidate Suzie Holt makes campaign pledge

Suzie Holt is pledging that she and her campaign volunteers will uphold high standards of behaviour during the Federal election campaign, including refraining from removing or defacing other campaign’s signs.


“We will be our best selves. That is what we have tried to do from the beginning of this campaign. Some people might think it sounds naïve and that this is the way that politics has always been done, but people want to see a higher standard of behaviour in politics than what has become the norm.”


“It has been suggested that our campaign is being funded by Simon Holmes à Court’s Climate 200 lobby group. This could not be further from the truth.”


“Our campaign is a true community, grassroots effort that has been funded by family and many generous individual donations, in addition to my dedicated volunteers who have been working hard for months so we were prepared for this election campaign.”


"Unlike the major parties who accept funds from large corporate donors, my campaign is based on grassroots support.”


“I am running because our community wants to see a higher standard of representation in our region. I will hold other candidates to account in the ways that people expect – with our ideas and policies, not underhanded behaviour in the dark of night or behind closed boardroom doors.”


“I call on all candidates for the seat of Groom to make a pledge that we will focus on putting forward our best ideas for the region and inform our supporters that low standards of behaviour will not be tolerated”.

Independent Candidate for the Federal seat of Groom.

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