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08 April 2022

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Groom Candidate Suzie Holt

“We need a vision”: Independent Candidate launches election campaign

Independent candidate for Groom Suzie Holt launched her campaign platform last night with a strong vision for our region.


The evening at Proof BBQ was opened with an Acknowledgement of Country by Rev. Cam Venables before Ms Holt was introduced by John White, who said that “The upcoming Federal election is a defining moment for the seat of Groom, to have a robust contest with a high-calibre Independent candidate that will offer the electorate a truly democratic choice.”


Ms Holt’s speech was enthusiastically received by more than 120 supporters who attended the event. Her platform presented Groom as the nation’s region of choice with a focus on agriculture and health, including funding for an Agricultural School of Excellence for USQ and a medical training and health care precinct.


Another key component of her platform is the requirement for funding across the entire region. “The electorate of Groom isn’t just Toowoomba. The hubs of Pittsworth, Oakey, Westbrook, Highfields and their surrounding areas deserve their fair share of Federal funding. The people in these areas know what they need and want to have a voice in where that funding goes.”


Her platform also aims to support and amplify our strong business community and advocate for renewable energy jobs and the livability of our region, including health, housing affordability and water security. Ms Holt’s career as a social worker means she recognises the needs of the most vulnerable members of our community.


“I am very proud to be part of a team campaigning hard every day to put people at the heart of policy and politics. Everyone I speak to is excited that we want to encourage cooperation rather than further division in our society. We need a vision, not well-paid adults arguing with each other for the benefit of their political party. We are there to represent the people, not the interests of party politics.”

Independent Candidate for the Federal seat of Groom.

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